we no speak american0 ;d

Miley Cyrus
[ ] I try to act a lot older than I really am.
[ ] The name I go by isn’t my birthname.
[ ] I’m a brunette.
[x] I post videos on YouTube.
[ ] My brother is in a band.
[ ] I’ve dated someone longer than a year.
[ ] People like to gossip about me.
[x] I love shopping
[ ] I am/use to be a cheerleader.
[x] I love Chinese food.
Total: 3

Demi Lovato
[x] I've known my best friend for a long time.
[ ] I was bullied in school
[ ] I’m Christian.
[ ] My favorite store is Forever 21.
[ ] I enjoy metal music.
[ ] I’ve been home schooled.
[ ] I graduated high school early.
[ ] I can play the piano and/or guitar.
[ ] I love Musicals.
[ ] I have a cleft chin.
Total: 1

Selena Gomez
[ ] I was named after someone famous.
[ ] My mom had me at a young age.
[x] I pretty much only wear Converse.
[ ] I’m an only child.
[ ] I have some Italian in me.
[x] My hair is naturally curly.
[ ] I love science.
[x] Paramore is my favorite band. - en av
[ ] I’m from Texas.
[ ] I’ve adopted an animal from a shelter.
Total: 3

Jonas Brothers
[x] I like tight pants.
[x] I’m staying “pure" till marriage.
[ ] An outfit isn't complete without some sort of tie, scarf or bandana.
[ ] I have a serious medical condition.
[ ] I’m engaged.
[ ] I’ve wanted to become a comedian.
[ ] Go Yankees!
[ ] I only have brothers.
[ ] I am/was home schooled.
[x] Family is very important to me.
Total: 3

Ashley Tisdale
[ ] My hair is naturally brown.
[x] I’ve bleached my hair blonde.
[ ] I have/had a deviated septum.
[ ] I’m a very positive role model.
[x] My favorite TV show is Friends.
[ ] I don’t understand most sports.
[x] The feeling of Christmas spirit is amazing to me.
[ ] People think I’m younger than I am.
[ ] I don’t go out and party/club.
[x] I'm down-to-earth.
Total: 4

Zac Efron
[ ] I have no desire to get married.
[ ] My hair is dark and my eyes are light.
- ljusbruna då (a)
[ ] I read manga.
[x] I have a younger brother.
[x] I would rather act than sing.
[ ] I’ve been with my current S-O a very long time.
[ ] My appendix has been removed from my body.
[x] I don’t party hard at all.
[ ] I’m teaching myself to play an instrument.
[ ]Sports are great.
Total: 3


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